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New This Week - August 3, 2022

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New This Week - August 3, 2022

New products and updates for this week (August 3, 2022)

What's new this week?

This week, we have some new and returning products coming to the store. We also have multiple breaks happening on our Facebook page. You can join the break by commenting on the break post in our Facebook group by clicking here. 


Saturday, August 6, is Topps International Trading Card Day.

Come to the store on Saturday and receive one of tree free Topps trading card packs featuring MLB, UEFA Champions League, & Garbage Pail Kids. Spend $10 or more and receive an exclusive ITCD card. 


Products (coming throughout the week):


- 2022 Upper Deck AHL Hockey

- 2022 Baseball Topps Complete Set


Other trading cards

- Yu-Gi-Oh Power of the Elements Booster

- Pokemon GO Mini Tin



- 2022 Historic Autograph Baseball Trivia Set

- NHL Dice Pack (Canadiens, Maple Leafs)

- MLB Dice Pack (Blue Jays)


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